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Who Should Get a Therapeutic Massage?

Having a therapeutic massage is a good idea for anyone from the young to the elderly, but there are some people that it can be especially helpful for. Having a series of these massages can be a great idea for anyone who’s beginning a new exercise program and they want their muscles to stay flexible. When your muscles are flexible, you have a greater range of motion and are less likely to experience any possible injuries. For that reason, athletes can benefit from a therapeutic massage. Not […]

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The Health Benefits of Massage Therapy

In an attempt to understand how and why massage therapy is as effective as it seems to be, scientists and medical researchers from around the world have been studying it for decades. Some characteristics of massage therapy have been conclusively resolved with apparent consensus among the learned scholars, while other characteristics remain as inexplicably mysterious as ever. For instance, they all agree that when a certain amount of pressure is applied to a soft tissue such as a muscle, some changes occur within the affected muscles. They […]

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What Is a Therapeutic Massage?

This type of massage is one where the service focuses on reasons that may not necessarily have anything to do with simple relaxation. Therapeutic massages are usually done with a goal of rehabilitation for the patient in mind. Under the heading of therapeutic massage, you’ll find that there are different purposes for the massage that are supposed to target different muscles or joints. You can have a sports massage under this heading. You can also have a neuromuscular massage, a trigger point massage, or a myofascial massage. […]

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